​​​​​ THE RENAISSANCE INSTITUTE / History and Mission

The Renaissance Institute is an unreligious, secular ministry arising from a profound belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ: that "ALL the Humans are a gift from the one creator " God."
His Gospel of Love and Peace from, to and between ALL people is given to ALL peoples equally. It offers a world where people, the environment and the nations can live in Harmony: Where every person is safe from killing or being killed, exploiting and being exploited, conquered and subjugated. His Gospel calls for Humans to replenish the earth not just extract from it. As a Prophet, Priest and Lord among people, of all faiths, Jesus's only true enemies are:
Destructive political Powers and Religious Principalities: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and every other religious-ecclesiastical Meme on earth, all of which stand, not with God's Order, but are contrary to the Gospel of Love.
Earthly institution, political and religious, blindly follow "Meme Law" rather than God's (by any name) rule of Peace on Earth - goodness to ALL people.
There is NO nation or religion on earth fit to be called Godly, under God, Good, Pure, the one true... or peacemaker, BUT: Rather, EVERYONE of these Human Social Memes are kept alive for the "sole purpose" of serving the human animal desires of conquest, subjugating of others and are willing to unleash terror and evil to accomplish their ungodly goal. The Gospel of God as taught by the Renaissance Institute is therefore NOT attached to any religion. country or political organization.
The Renaissance Institute, founded in Saint Augustine, Florida on September 4, 1992 is a non-profit, social science organization researching, seeking, teaching, publishing and discovering the true and Godly relation intended to be enjoyed by ALL the occupants and Memes upon the earth, by exposing UNIVERSAL aberrant and harmful Human Behaviors apparent in ALL societies, among ALL religions existing throughout ALL of our history.  This "IS" The Gospel of God. 

You Shall Know the TRUTH!